A 360 degree° support

When everything brings to life for your viewing pleasure

SCRIPTING, FILMING, EDITING, ILLUSTRATION, SHOOTING, CASTING, RECORDING STUDIO,,, Animate your storytelling in video or motion design

For your corporate films, motion-movies, webdocs, interviews, live shows, commercials or internal product videos, we manage for you the whole production to deliver videos to broadcast without moderation on mobile, tablet, stand, web…

Motion design is a strong trend for the present communication. In a period where content is king but where zapping is crowned, it is essential to know how broadcast a message dynamically, short and impactful. Corporate communication specialists we define the most appropriate scenario for your message before giving it life.

With the advent of the 360 ° video and its affordable price (via cardboards for example), filming get into a new era including corporate communications. We can already propose filming with drones for original viewing angles!

Lights, camera, action!