Context and needs

SINCE JANUARY 1st 2015, THE SYTRAL HOLDS ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORT in RHONE, including several urban and interurban NETWORKS that were INDEPENDENT.

SYTRAL geos from one activity exclusively related to its exclusive TCL network  on the Lyon area to the whole territory of the Rhône, formerly managed by the General Council.

Our challenge: create a new unifying identity without changing the identity of the historic main network. Animate and explain to elected officials and customers changes and reorganizations in progress.

Ideas and Solutions

Creative efficiency and reactivity


3 TCL networks, Cars du Rhone and Libellule retain their names and identities to which are affixed the SYTRAL logo with a colored square recalling the network brand. TCL red, blue for Cars du Rhone and purple for Libellule.

This solution, which has preserved the historical identity while uniting around a single brand across all networks.

This new identity has led to the creation of the new graphical charter of SYTRAL, declining it for all the useful materials.

This approach allowed significant savings to our customer.


This new identity has then been declined on a network: Les Cars Rhone

  • Covering buses and autocars
  • Signs and bus stops
  • Schedules
  • emailing campaigns
  • Campaigns on the website
  • Display

*Mission in partenship with Catherine and Yolande from C I N C O