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Context and target

Hernia Business Unit of Medtronic group mandated  Sevanova for various operations of communication and marketing in all media, both internal and external problems of the product launch for the realization of support tools for sale through event services.



  •           Surgeons
  •           The theater nurses
  •           The patients


  •           Les forces de ventes
  •           New arrivals
  •           All employees worldwide (support and technical functions)


Ideas & solutions


Working closely with the marketing and sales managers, each project requires a strategy tailored to the overall vision of the group.

The challenge facing Sevanova must both meet the targeted issues but also be part of a strong and framed graphic identity.

Custom development and supports the client’s internal tools. A creative parade for every declining support for the group’s identity, management and fully consistent with regulatory and cultural constraints for each territory.

Multi-cultural collaborations and multi-skills that open doors to diversified projects.

Selling tools

Design and production of paper media and mobile applications manageable to support the sales force across Europe. Interactive modules, business simulations and features dedicated to field use.

Products Launch

Construction of product pitches, creating paper communication media (concept and campaign images, print ad, brochure, leaflet, kakemono, posters, sellsheet) of digital training materials and tools to help sales product oriented. Goodies and demonstrators also punctuated these US and Europe launches.

Team Building

Full management of the vent from the expression of need to the presence of Sevanova on D -day. 300 employees were gathered on a production site to a memorable murder party…


Creating a logo and a charter on the occasion of internal and external celebration of a company’s success. Design and implementation of a communication kit dedicated to the thematic, retrospective book of this success (interview, collection and content processing, articulation and layout), achieving goodies (USB sticks, poles), a variety of media signage (billboards, stickers, themes kakemono etc…).

The great story

The million!

What a great human journey, scientific and industrial: the founding team of this site has invented and developed a range of surgical devices to treat hernias. Its leading range, the Parietex, was implanted in more than one million patients worldwide. What evidence of effectiveness!

Sevanova mobilized with the client team to celebrate this exceptional event. Gather all actors of this success, share it with surgeons and patients and to thank the many contributors who work for 10 years to this sucess-story.